When you’ve written THE END … then what?

Have you finished writing a book, and now you need to, um, publish?

I’m glad you’re here, because I’ve been where you areā€”from the editing side AND the author side.

I’m Jody, and I help folks who are finishing their book so they can get it out into the world … and into their own hands. Regardless of if you work with me or one of my trusted colleagues, you and your book deserve the best.

The journey is worth the effort.

I’m cheering you on! Whether you need proofreading to finalize the writing stage, or you’re ready for formatting so you can hold your own autograph-ready books … I’m eager to see you bring your story to life.

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Format a book - how? Skinner Book Services teaches you Vellum.

Formatting your own book?

I help others learn how to use one of the top DIY book formatting programs available today:


With Vellum’s advanced typesetting algorithm for print books and its clean, beautiful ebooks, you can potentially save yourself time, headaches, and money in the long run when you use Vellum to format for yourself.

I wrote a how-to book with start-to-finish info called Format Your Book with Vellum. It’s now in its second edition, with start-to-finish information, so go check it out!

Custom book interiors

I love working with my clients for copy edits and proofreads, and I also do book interiors and ebooks.

Whether you want a done-for-you Vellum format, source files included so you can make changes later, or a fully custom Adobe InDesign typeset, I’d love to chat. Contact me to start the conversation.

You can also visit my Resources page to see other providers I recommend. A rising tide lifts all boats, and I know some great people.

Book interior: The Prisoner of Zenda